Sunday, January 31, 2010

No. 31 Rest and Let's Talk -Stool Week

Two stools again today. Or maybe it's four. No, definitely two. These stools share more similarities than past pairs, however they too are totally different.


 Top: I call this stool "Rest" because it has a foot rest (just blew your mind didn't I). I would probably use maple or ash but it is pretty universal so any wood would do.
Bottom: This stool is called "Let's Talk:". The design encourages social interaction and is well suited to public spaces, galleries, etc. Wood species could be almost anything.

Grab a pencil, some paper and start drawing your own stools. After you're done share them with the rest of us at


Nigel Whitton said...

Hi Jamon, I like the"lets talk" set of stools. What are your thoughts on the downward pressures that would be applied to the middle stool rail, would a support in the center help take some of that load.

keep up the good work. I check your site each day for what is new.

jamon schlimgen cabinetmaker said...

That's a very good question Nigel. I think that it would be OK as is because the span is not that great. However, if I were to build this piece I would make a mock up and put it through some testing before moving on to the final version.