Thursday, January 7, 2010

No. 7 Mixed Wood Desk

     Desks/Home Office. That's what was printed on the half folded paper. He thought a moment, the laboring of long dormant regions of his mind present in his pained expression. Desks/Home Office. That's what the paper said.
     Sorry, you caught me working on my novella, which coincidentally is loosely based on today's randomly drawn assignment. It's technically more of a short story I guess, really short, that excerpt is the story.
     Anyway, moving along. Obviously the post today is desks or other office furniture, so given the choice, I jumped on the desk. Well, not literally. I had an idea going, something sleek, modern, a high gloss, jet black kinda thing. The idea really blossomed when I was working on the firewood pile. I came accross a beautiful debarked tree branch and it all came together: contrast. Jet black gloss lacquer, Walnut drawer faces and a debarked tree limb. Mix them all together and what do you get? Maybe this:

The Good: I have always been a fan of fusing the industrial and the natural. The desk is great for work because the sleek, minimalist nature demands organization while the tree limb brings the relaxing, therapeutic qualities of the outdoors.
The Bad: The desk would most like need to be tethered to a wall. The connection between the desk top and tree limb would likely be too weak to support a freestanding desk.

This is the last post for week one of my little project. Tomorrow I'll write a little about what has happened in one short week and briefly discuss my plans in the coming weeks.


Timberwerks Studio - Dale J. Osowski - Furniture Maker said...

I really like this one. I think using a limb for free standing would be fine provided you drill and add steel rods. It can be done and not sacrafice your design. The limb butt on top of the desk would be removable and expose a large diameter steeel rod tenon. You would recess the butt end into the top and the same for the limb section coming into the bottom. It is more involved than this but you get the idea. Also, drill for steel rods at the crotch. Great design, think about it, it would work.

Mark Mazzo said...


I found my way to your blog via Adam King's post on The Woodworker's Journey.

I think the idea of this blog and what you're doping with it is great! I'll be checking back daily to see what you're up to.

I also wanted to thank you for the inspiration as I may begin posting sketches of designs on a periodic basis as a way to keep me going with the sketching of ideas (hopefully, this does not step on your toes!). I definitely won't make the daily quota but, weekly or something close may be doable.

Keep up the good work!

The Craftsman's Path

Adam said...

I am surprised at this departure from your "usual" aesthetic. This really has a Danish Modern meets Jon Brooks kinda feel!

I like that your letting it all just flow, man. Nothing but Great will come from all of this.

chris@flairwoodworks said...


I found your site through Matt Kenney's (Fine Woodworking) blog on Design Blogs and started at post 1 and am working my way forward. You've got some interesting concepts so far, but up until now, none have really excited me that much - just not my style. This one has potential!