Monday, January 11, 2010

No. 11 Contemporary Tabench

     No, I did not misspell the title. As you probably guessed its a table and bench combined (think picnic table, but slightly classier...not that a picnic table isn't classy, whatever, I digress). This is one of those "that is a crazy thought, I wonder if that would work" kind of things. Dining table was the category for today and I was trying to think of something out of the ordinary and wouldn't you know this is what came out. Design for for designs sake so to speak. OK, how many of you are asking "is he stalling?" Yes. I am. This thing has been an enigma to me. From its first popping into my head, to the SketchUp work, to this very writing, so I'm still trying to get my barrings.
     Here is the rundown: Its a basic table whose two ply wide side aprons fold down to turn into a bench, hinged at the leg and supported by hinged, flip down pieces from the outer layer of the apron. Though I'm almost sure that wasn't a thousand words, I think a picture would be helpful right about now.

The Good: It's a table that has benches built in, need I say more? In all seriousness I think this idea has legs (horrible pun, I apologize). It needs much more thought and tweaking to get the hinging and other considerations resolved, but this would definitely be a fun one to work through.
The Bad: I think that this design is too rudimentary to really point out flaws, however I certainly do not feel that it is without them.


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