Saturday, January 2, 2010

No. 2 Girls Computer Desk

     Today's post is one of those designs that will be produced, though probably not exactly as it appears here and now. As part of the plans for this year I need to make a desk that my daughters can use for school work. The idea is to have a rectangular desk with drawers on each narrow end, and a third drawer on the long front. The sides will be used for general book work, and pencils, etc. will be stored in the drawers. The front will have a computer monitor on top of the desk and a keyboard housed in the pull-out drawer front. The girls will sit next to each other and work/play games on the computer, because I don't think they have enough opportunities to argue as it is.
     The overall measurements and feel are as I want them but the curvature of the legs and the details of the pulls will come as I'm building. I will try to post as I proceed through the build on this one so check out the shop blog in the next few weeks to get updates.

The Good: I like the feel and proportions and that really doesn't matter because they are dictated by the space anyway.
The Bad: The legs need to be slightly thinner at the base, to my eye.

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Henry said...

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