Thursday, January 21, 2010

No. 21 Toppled Dresser -Bedroom Cases Week

     Getting this post out late today, but sick kids and other commitments are greater priorities, so it is what it is. There are a few things to cover before we talk about today's design, so lets dig in.
     First, I want to thank Matt Kenney, Associate Editor at Fine Woodworking Magazine, who mentioned this blog, as well as my newly started Furniture Design Community Blog, on FWW's website today. I really do appreciate it Matt, many thanks. As a result of this I'm sure I have a few new readers today, and I want to thank you for stopping by and encourage you to join the growing community over at the FDC Blog. We would love to see what is in your sketch books and on your minds.
     This is day 21 of 365 which means that, in addition to being less than one percent of the way through this challenge (keeping things in perspective), we are at the end of week three, and moving into week four: Reader Submission Week. The premise is simple: you share ideas for furniture that you would like me to draw and I pick seven at random go to work. I announced the winners last night on Twitter and will list them here as well.
          Ken Weinert- Recycling Cabinet 1/22
          Scott Meek- Japanese Inspired Jewelry Box 1/23
          Ken Weinert- Hanging Entertainment Center 1/24
          Steve Tayler- 45 degrees 1/25
          Steve Tayler- Round Drawer Fronts/Square Case 1/26
          Scott Meek- Toy Box 1/27
          Terrie Hall- Circular Vanity 1/28

     That is that. Now to the Toppled Dresser. This being the last post of Bedroom Cases Week, I wanted to end  it on a different note, with some fun. A little lesson this one taught me was if an idea is worth my time, take the time it is worth. Because I am constantly drawing to feed this blog, I will often hurry through certain designs or parts there of. I am OK with that. This blog and exercise are about creativity and new ideas not perfect drawings. However when something really clicks I need to slow down and follow it through. After I finished the perspective on this drawing, I stepped back and realized that I had badly misrepresented the piece. Instead of scanning and posting with an "oops" note (which I have done...recently) I erased and started again, and I'm very glad that I did.
     I'm not sure of wood selection for this dresser, but I think the design and playfulness would work better in a lighter variety (just my opinion). I think the piece speaks for itself so I won't say another word about it.

The Good: I like the order in the chaos. One molding profile repeated in the top, base, feet and pulls. The drawers, if put together, would fit to make a full case. Just like the vibe of it too.
The Bad: Not sure I can criticize a piece designed for fun (but please don't let that stop you from doing so).

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Ken said...

You like that form for the foot, don't you? it's at least the 2nd time we've seen it. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, just something I noticed.

It seems like this would be very difficult to actually construct.

Only one criticism: I usually like to put stuff on top my dresser. I can see myself picking stuff up off the floor with this one :)

chris@flairwoodworks said...

This piece reminds me of the work of Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs. Whimsical. Playful.

Ray said...

Ok, you have inspired me. I know the design is just that, a design, but with some tweaking for actual physical use this would be fabulous.
I am with Ken. The top would have to be leveled some how without loosing the disheveled look. The actual construction would be a breeze since it is just a series of well made cases (boxes) sized to go together.
How about a mix of odd colored woods, etc to continue the hap-hazard look? Also, what about canting the drawers at slight horizontal angles left and right to further the look of "falling apart"?
I may have to build a variation of this for my office. It would make a phenomenal discussion piece.
Thanks for this one.