Saturday, January 9, 2010

No. 9 Traditional Sideboard

     My fingers still ache from yesterdays post, so today's will be short (have I mentioned I am not the worlds greatest writer?) The bulk of my designs of late have been on the contemporary side so I decided to go traditional with this post and when "Dining Room Cases" came up as today's category it seemed a good fit. A little on the French side, the design has lots of veneer work and stringing.

The Good: I like sideboards a lot. I remember an article in Fine Woodworking a number of years ago, the author escapes me at the moment, that talked about how a sideboards basic layout made a great canvas to be painted beautifully in nearly any style. I have to agree. Rather than Mahogany or Walnut crotch veneer for the door panels and drawer fronts, I think a straight grained light wood in a herringbone pattern adds a little update without completely disrespecting the heritage. In fact I see this sideboard as a negative of the traditional color scheme with light primary woods and dark stringing and accents. Simple pulls as well. Nothing ornate or extravagant.
The Bad: I must confess I sort of ran out of time with this one and had to hurry though it. As a result there are some unresolved issues. The first is the front. Is the center drawer bank stepped out an inch or two or on plane with the sides. Next, do the two middle drawers remain deeper than the top and bottom or should they be equal (I kind of like them the way they are).

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Nigel Whitton said...

Hi Jamon, Love your blog!!!. You have inspired me to do the same, a design a day. I went a bit hog wild and punched out four designs yesterday and three today, bring on the flow!

Keep it up