Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No. 19 Armoire -Bedroom Cases Week

     This design came from a moment of inspiration at 1:45am. It was at that time that I decided to see what I could design in a 15 minute stretch of time. This is the result of the exercise:

     The exercise was very helpful and brought out a few themes that I developed a little further and transferred into today's design. The contrasting case to frame and legs creates an interesting visual. The negative space created by slightly longer legs and "horns" at the top adds to the vertical thrust of the piece. The pulls, though a little busy with the added "rat tail", add to the simple elegance of the piece overall.
     When I transferred these elements to today's work they divided and two related, but distinct pieces were born. The case in both examples is identical (by unmeasured, hand drawn standards). The upper armoire grew a base which is more natural in form then the suspended architectural feel that I had intended. The bottom armoire is a simple modification of the top case from the exercise. I envision both cases made with flame birch veneer for the case, doors and drawer and dark, straight grained wood (quartered walnut, ebony or wenge) for the frame and legs. The pulls are hand made hammered bronze. The sides/legs of the case do have a slight taper.

The Good: You know I love contrast so this piece is working for me on that level. The simple lines and vertical lift are very pleasing to my eye as well. Kinda loving the pulls too, but...
The Bad: ...they don't work as I have them drawn on the doors. The only other thing is that, given more time, I would bring the base of the upper armoire closer the what I had in my head: more rigid/angular than the organic feel it presently has.

Today is the last day to get your ideas in for reader submission week. Submit your ideas here. I'll be selecting the winning submissions tomorrow at 8:15 pm est live on Twitter if anybody cares to follow along. I will post all the winners the following day and the first sketch will roll out Friday.
(Insider info: those ideas that are not selected will go back into the drawing for future reader submission weeks)

Also, don't forget to submit your own designs and join the community over at furnituredesign.tumblr.com

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chris@flairwoodworks said...


In the second drawing, the top left piece looks like it would chase me! The lower right one look very ordinary - like something I've already seen. Nothing wrong with the design, but not as original as your other drawings. By the way, your sketches are very neat and precise (maybe they are only that way because you are making the extra effort knowing that you'll be sharing them with us). My sketches are farily crude and rely on lots of labelling! But they get the ideas across, and that's what really matters.