Sunday, January 10, 2010

No 10 Arts & Craftsish Nightstand

     OMG (best way ever to start a post, right) crazy day, but it is still today so I'm still in good shape as far as this project is concerned.
     Today for you scrutiny I offer up an arts and crafts inspired nightstand with a twist. The overall feel and details are unmistakably A&C but I envision it built in a tight grained wood with roughed exterior surfaces looking similar to bandsaw marks. The finish is kind of hard to explain but is basically a white paintedish/whitewashedish/distressedish surface. The closest I can think of is Michael Hurwitz's Kiyo-mizu plant stand.

The Good: I had a rough time sketching this bad boy in anything resembling 3D (that's a good thing? Bear with me). In all but the 3D I like the detail of the top which appears to float, inset in the interlocked truss work. Through tenons have always appealed to me, and their presence here adds to the A&C aesthetic and breaks up an otherwise bland side. I think the finish treatment (sort of) described above would, in my mind, give the sturdy stand a slightly lighter feel, an interesting contrast.
The Bad: I wish I had had more time to devote to drawing this piece. I think that the top and it's details deserve a better treatment.


Torch02 said...

Don't bemoan a lack of time to flush out all the details of any of any given piece. This year long exercise should have not just the benefit of stretching your design muscles, but you'll likely end up with dozens of ideas to further flush out, design, and build.

Don't worry if you can't get to them until years later - it's good to have a backlog of ideas.

As for this piece - I like it. I think it has a ton of possibilities. By varying the materials and finishes, you could cover the gamut from snobbish ultra-modern to log-cabin. It's all in play with this piece.

Adam said...

This is an interesting piece. I like the idea of a more 'distressed' finish. I know for a fact that Michael sandblasts his pieces in conjunction withe the white milk paint to achieve that look. Might want to seriously consider this one as a prototype to flesh out.