Saturday, January 30, 2010

No. 30 Tall and Short Stools -Stool Week

Today we have two stools on representing opposite ends of the form spectrum. One flat and square the other round and duplexinvertconic (yeah its a word, and if it isn't it should be).

Top: Utilitarian and modern, this stool showcases it's joinery and is proud of it's "basic" label. Made in any wood species,though walnut does come to mind first.
Bottom: The almost-but-not-quite-hourglass turned shape of this stool is further decorated by top to bottom carved coves. Made from maple or similar tight grained, light toned wood.

Grab a pencil, some paper and start drawing your own stools. After you're done share them with the rest of us at


Ken said...

On the top one two things struck me:

* I'd make the frame from a harder wood and the top from a lighter one - highlight the joinery.

* for some reason I see the crosspiece on the bottom being joined in the other direction - ie, you'd see the entire width of the stool.

Torch02 said...

I like the top stool, but I worry about its stability with just a single cross piece. Maybe two of them that equally divide the bottom? Or maybe have them at the ends of the bottom support?