Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No. 6 Hall Table & Bonus

     I want to start this post today with a heartfelt thank you to Adam King for the honor of mentioning me and my little project on his amazing blog The Woodworker's Journey . I know many of you are already familiar with Adam as he referred the greatest number of visitors to this site yesterday. For those who don't know Adam let me say a few words about him. Adam is a gifted Designer/Maker of high end Japanese influenced furniture. More than that though, he is a teacher, committed to helping those in the woodworking community, novice to pro, meet and increase their expectations of themselves, their abilities and ,as a result, the work they produce. From the day I met Adam, less than a year ago on Twitter, he has been an invaluable source of inspiration, knowledge and encouragement. Thank you for everything Adam.
     I would also like to thank all those who commented on yesterdays post, or any post for that matter. Your comments, suggestions, and ideas are very helpful. And a special shout out to Steven Taylor or Torch02 as he is know around the internet, who has been a faithful reader almost from day one and even added me to his blogroll on his home on the web  (Spoiler alert: the end of this post is special just for you Steve).
     Now on to the topic at hand. Yesterday morning after finishing the last post I reached into the hat and pulled out "Occasional Table". If you have been reading the blog for while you know that I have this thing for hall tables, so of course, that is were my mind drifted first. I had the basis for today's design almost immediately, but wanted to give myself the day to think about something other than a hall table. Yesterday happened to be the last day of a project however, and I didn't get home until 9pm. Therefor I present you a hurried version of the design that initially entered my cranium.

The Good: I really like the intersection of the curved of the bottom stretcher. I would like to develop this idea further. I'm not sure that will happen, but this will certainly influence some future designs.
The Bad: Not necessarily a "bad" but there are a lot of unresolved issues here that would need to be worked out before producing it.


Torch02 posted a very nice comment yesterday. At least it started out that way:

      "Instead of what piece to design, perhaps you can alternate the style of a piece or series of pieces?"

An excellent idea. I have been pondering this and may very well do a few weeks this way.

But then he got a little snarky:

        "Maybe something without curves? Without (visible) right angles? Without your favorite pagoda-style hat ;-)

Well Sir I tired my best, what do you think? (Bonus: as a coffee table it also fits the category requirement for today)


Torch02 said...

Well met, sir! I actually got the "no right angle" idea from my brother-in-law. For a project in one of his undergrad classes he had to design a "themed" house and he chose to to have no walls meet at a right angle.

A clarification on the snarky part of my previous comment - that was a list of three possible ideas. I didn't expect one drawing to fit all three ideas!

kweinert said...

Are the lobes on the top of the coffee table at the same angle as the legs?

Depending on the size, an alternate could be to run a shelf that sat in the center of the legs that had the same sort of lobes as the top, but they'd be offset by 60 degrees.

I'm not sure I'd still have ideas at this point. It'd definitely be a stretch for me to try this.

Speaking of the "themed house" mentioned by Torch02, that'd be another idea - a bedroom suite, a dining table/chairs/sideboard, etc. One piece a day, maybe not even in succession.