Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15 Bedroom Closet or Drawers or Case or Something. -Bedroom Cases Week

      Hello readers, guess what today is? Nope... No... Close... Almost...YES! It is the beginning of week three! (BTW I'm not really clairvoyant, I was just guessing that it took you five guesses to get it, but I was right...right?)
     Week three snuck (sneaked) up on you didn't it. Trust me you're not alone. In fact, in my unrealization(TM), I goofed terribly. I had said last week that I planned on drawing pieces from the same category all this week. However, when I chose today's category I thought I was choosing for today alone, as part of last week. What to do, what to do? After much soul searching and review of the rule book I have decided that today's category will be adopted as this week's category.
     This week's category will be: Bedroom Cases. To begin the week I submit an oddity. A hybrid. A circus freak if you like. Not wanting to draw your standard, run of the mill case of drawers, I threw in a few doors, two panels and a couple more doors, with mirrors. The idea is a slightly altered chest of drawers that integrates closet doors. The effect is a clean wardrobe-looking-thing when closed and a fairly standard looking case when open. The doors have mirrored panels on the inside that can be positioned for optimal looking-at-ones-self. If you happen to be Medusa or a Vampire, the hinges allow the doors to fold away nearly flat against the sides of the case. I have included two sketches which are identical aside from a variation to the base.


The Good: Innovation is good. I'm not entirely convinced that this is innovation though. I like where this is headed, but it still has a long way to go.
The Bad: Two sketches. Two bases. Not fond of either.

Next week is reader submission week and I have yet to receive enough ideas to make it to day three, let alone choose seven at random. Snap to it people! Just kidding. Kinda. Submit here.

Also, don't forget to submit your own designs over at


Torch02 said...

What about instead of having bases that run the full depth of the piece, you made individual feet for each corner? Or if you want to keep a full depth base - perhaps some sort of horizontal framed panel to match the doors?

Bases aside, I really like how you've chosen to make the outer stile of each doorthe full height, but placed the inner style between the two rails. It brings focus to the center of the piece.

kweinert said...

I like how the inner doors reflect the outer ones.

The base does look a bit odd, but to me part of that oddity is that there seems to be a disconnect in style between the base and the top "extensions".

It could be, as well, that it's not traditional to have the open view from front to back like that. I'm not saying everything needs to be traditional, just that looking at from that perspective it looks a little "unfinished".

As a thought, perhaps if there as a short skirt under the bottom drawers and the doors extended to hide it when they're closed, when the doors were open it would put a little more weight on the bottom.

Hope you don't mind that I think out loud here :)

jamon schlimgen cabinetmaker said...

All good points Gents. I keep going over revisions in my head on this one. Gotta stop that though, time to think a about tomorrow's design!

Jessica said...

I'm leaving my submission here because I'm afraid that if I give you my email, you'll send me all sort of spam.
Here are my ideas:
1. coat trees!
2. jewelry cases (heavy on the jewelry hint, hint).
3. beds (i'm actually serious about this one)

Anyhow, I like the above piece overall. However (you know there's always a catch with me) the way the doors work, the piece would have to take up a large space. Which might work for some rooms (none of ours).

About the base...I like Torch02's idea about feet. Might make it look a little more feminine because right now its kind of in between. which might be why it seems just a little disjointed. Hmm, I think I just called it a transvestite.

jamon schlimgen cabinetmaker said...

My wife everybody.
Not sure how I would work legs into it but it does need something. I'll get right on the jewelry case. I have not drawn a bed in some time so I'll actually throw that one in the mix.

chris@flairwoodworks said...

Generally, it is thought that adding legs or feet to lift a piece off the ground, it will make it seem lighter. However, I'm not sure that's the case with this piece. Just my revelations...