Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No. 5 Contemporary Media Cabinet....AGAIN

     So here's the story. Yesterday morning, as a postscript to the new design post, I asked for some input and ideas for keeping the "1 day, 1 design" project fresh and interesting. The response? A resounding, nay deafening, sound of cricket chirps (you know, like in the movies when nobody says anything -AT ALL- and all you hear are crickets? Yeah just like that). Anyway, having been utterly abandoned, I found myself in the regrettable position of trying to come up with some great idea on my own. The result soon became clear, or maybe it was the first thing I thought of, I can't remember, but either way it was this: write a bunch of furniture categories down on pieces of paper, place said paper into a hat and blindly remove one. Seems like a reasonable solution right? Trust chance to lead my way. Easy, right? Wrong. Chance sucks! The piece of paper read: Media Cabinets-AGIAN! After having just the day before, apologized for doing back to back posts on media cabinets, another media cabinet! What are the odds? (My wife just surmised that perhaps Chance was protesting our modern world's obsession with media - yeah she's crazy)
     Well chance, EAT IT! I have taken your challenge and emerged victorious! Behold, a media cabinet...again...for the third time...

The Good: The Sweet Smell Of Victory! and alternated doors/drawers. The configuration of the doors and drawers actually came from another design on the same piece of paper, but you will never see it. The longer I look at this thing the more I want to build it. Somebody please pay me $9,000 to build this! I'll even let you keep it.
The Bad: I'm sure they is something wrong somewhere, but I'm not seeing it at the moment, so I'll have to get back to you. (Wait...OK, the bad is that the earlier "crazy wife" comment has landed me on the couch for the night).


Torch02 said...

Instead of what piece to design, perhaps you can alternate the style of a piece or series of pieces? Maybe something without curves? Without (visible) right angles? Without your favorite pagoda-style hat ;-)

Scott Meek said...

Looks good!
But, I just want you to know, I did respond to your call for ideas on Twitter, once I saw it. :P
In case you didn't see it though, I recommended drawing some small gift boxes.

I'm definitely impressed with the designs you've come up with in just the first few days!

kweinert said...

I'd explore making that bottom "brace" (sorry, I don't do furniture, I do puzzles so my terminology is suspect here) convex so it looked like it rose out of a shared leg and the main box would appear to be supported by the side pieces at the top and the apex of the "horizontal" support.

Just what I see from this design.

I do like what you're doing - I'm not sure I'd have 365 furniture designs in me, but I'm really enjoying seeing what you are doing here.

Blame Adam King for not posting earlier about this - at least I only had 5 days to catch up on :)

Jessica said...

Oh Whatever, You always fall asleep on the couch! How about designing us a sink vanity for the upstairs bath? I love rough plywood and all but I think you can do a little better.