Sunday, January 3, 2010

No. 3 - Low or Media Cabinet

     Day three of "1 day, 1 design" and I'm lovin' it (do I owe someone money for saying that?). As I have mentioned before I am (usually) a realist, so I understand that these warm fuzzy feelings may someday be replaced with "WHAT THE F*%#, I JUST DID ONE OF THOSE STUPID SKETCHES YESTERDAY!!!", but until that day, I will bask in my little bit of sunshine. This design just "came" to me, which usually means that I will be looking though some book or magazine later this week and realize that I've totally ripped this off from someone else, but until then it's mine (sunshine).
     Not much of a story here I just started with a rectangle, drew the legs of the base and filled the rest out. The first version (top left) found me trying to carry the cut out in the base through the cabinet and failing miserably. The second (top right) version was resolved enough, in my mind, to warrant a better rendering.
     Wood selection would probably be European Beech or quarter sawn Maple for the cabinet and Walnut, Wenge or Ebony for the base and pulls.

The Good: Always a big fan of sliding doors, so there's that. The base is reminiscent of a few I have used before and has a sturdy but not overly heavy feel to it. The circle between the drawers adds interest but I'm not sure what it would look like in detail.
The Bad: Like I said, the final version looks pretty good to my eye, but that first version, not so much. That is part of the appeal here though, throwing stuff out there, nixing the bad and developing the good.

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