Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No. 27 Toy Box -Reader Idea Week

     Scott Meek got another shot at telling me what to sketch. Last time it was a Japanese Inspired Jewelry Box, which I knew precious little about. This time however, he asked for a Toy Box which, having two girls under the age of eight, I know a thing or two about (though I have never built them one so don't tell them about this, OK).
     I chose to go floral with this piece. Daisy-ish to be specific. The petals and center part of the flower (ovary) are hinged and lift for access to the box's contents. The box would not be fully round, but flattened at the back to allow for hinges and enabling it to be located nearer a wall. The box should be painted with Milk Paint.

This was another short post but tomorrows will more than make up for two short ones in a row. (And if not I'll just come back and edit this out)

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