Friday, January 29, 2010

No. 29 Couple of Stools -Stool Week

     This post kicks off Stool Week. Seven days, seven different stools, well, except today there are two. Anyway, it is also the first day of the new short format. This change will allow me to continue doing this without it consuming too much of my day. It goes like this: six short posts then a seventh, expanded post to end the week.
     These two stools are not related in any way, I just felt like posting them together. The top stool might be best suited as a table or bar stool. The bottom stool might be better suited as a table.

Top: I see it in cherry though any wood would be just fine. The legs need a little work and I might lower the stretchers.
Bottom: I would probable use ash or white oak for this. I'd either leave it natural with no finish, or ebonize it.  

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