Monday, January 18, 2010

No. 18 Contemporary Chest of Drawers -Bedroom Cases Week

     I have spoiled you reader. I want to apologize for that. The last few days have featured so much writing that I fear you have become dependent on "words" rather than "sketches", the very essence of this blog. Secondarily, the aforementioned writing causes me untold anxiety and consumptive thoughts of inadequacy, knowing that I cannot maintain the "quality" nor sheer volume I have established as the archetype. This ends now. From this point on, short and sweet is the name of this game. No more fancy word play. No more clever prose to describe what perfectly adequate pictures illustrate in a fraction of the time and space. Oh, don't even get me started on time and space...Sorry. Back to topic. From here on out, as a great Philosopher once wisely stated: just the facts.
     Looking at this piece I just had the realization that the diamond shape of the legs was the first form I learned to draw in perspective. OK that was technically a fact, but not the kind I was talking about. Aside from the leg shape this case is pretty self explanatory. The only thing out of the ordinary are the continuous pulls, not because they are new to my designs (I have used similar pulls in recent designs), but because they are offset from center on the outer drawer banks. Combined with the center drawer pulls and horizontal drawer dividers they create a subtle grid work pattern.

The Good: This is a solid design. It is functional. Unique without being flashy. Stable but not overweight.
The Bad: The details. It always comes down to the details. Breadboard ends? Thickness of top/legs/bottom rail, etc. etc.. Not "Bad" per se just unfinished, unresolved.

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Ken said...

I like how the shape of the legs lightens the top while at the same time making it look solidly anchored.

When/if you're fleshing out the details, you might play with having the breadboard ends have a diamond shape, or some sort of contrasting inlay in the top that would compliment the leg shape.

NIgel Whitton said...

Very nice. Or undercutting the top which would connect the base of the legs to the top more.
The door fronts break up the boldness of the legs and balance it nicely.

You are on Fire, keep it up!!

Torch02 said...

For some reason, it didn't register that these were drawers (and not doors) until I saw the large version of the sketch. That "Oh. Wow." factor improves the piece, for me. I think the end caps on the top do a nice job of bracketing the piece, giving it a solid stop at the edges.

I like Ken's idea for a diamond shape on the end panels, but wit a twist. Instead of a square in the panel, skew the diamond so it matches the tapers of the legs/feet. You could go with one big design centered on the panel, or you could do two or three inlays evenly spaced across the panel.