Thursday, January 28, 2010

No. 28 Circular Vanity -Reader Idea Week

     This post marks the end of Reader Idea Week. I want to thank all those who submitted their ideas, even if they were not picked for sketching.    
     Here on the final day of the week I find myself a little conflicted. When I announced this idea I had very high hopes for the experience I would gain and the body of work that would result. The fact of the matter is that I am rather disappointed with the work, and have more experience than I bargained for. Let me explain.
     The ideas were unique and perfectly suited to this challenge. My mindset on the other hand was not. Choosing and sketching an idea at random has been the norm in this process, however when there are people on the other end of those ideas, my brain ceases normal function. Rather than taking an idea as just that, my normally obsessive nature kicks into hyper-drive. In addition to considering the task in detail, my mind begins to take into account the expectations and needs (real or imagined) of the person who submitted the idea. This is one of the services that I get paid for in the real world, but it is not very productive in a quick sketch exercise. This one little thing stained an otherwise fun idea, yet escaped my full attention until this last sketch was complete. Now I know, and I'll be working on it in the future. If I can get it under control, I'll try this Reader Idea Week again.
     Terrie Hall (@terriehall) wrote "I'd like to see a cabinet/vanity with 2 sinks to fit into it that sits into a half circle wall." After contacting Terrie, an Interior Designer in Colorado, I found that she had a some very specific cabinets in mind. She shared her plans for a bathroom renovation that she is in the midst of, telling me she was still open to ideas. After looking over and considering her plans I realized that her design was the best for the space and that anything I would change essentially offered less utility and would severely disrupt the atmosphere that she had created in the room. Therefor, I abandoned the specific idea in favor of the general one that she had originally submitted.
     With time ticking away, my brain nowhere to be found and my weakest technical skill ahead (perspective drawing in the round), I sketched out the best version of a circular vanity I could come up with at the time. (Reading this post through at this point I have to admire my wonderful sales technique). Though not complete rubbish, this design would need some serious revision before one could even think about producing it.

     All in all I am happy with what I have learned and experienced this week. I just wish I had some more impressive drawings to go along with all that knowledge. Tune in tomorrow for a new week, a new theme and a tweaked format. 

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jlsmith said...


Having been someone who has teased you about a stray leg in a sketch I must say I think you are being a bit to harsh on yourself. It's my experience that everyone would like to improve their sketching skills. I have no doubt that by the time a year rolls around you will have done just that.

To compare this reader's idea week to your fee for design service is really comparing apples and oranges, both are fruit but they aren't the same. Sounds to me like you learned a few things, which is always good (even if it's bad, if you know what I am saying).