Monday, January 25, 2010

No. 25 Bombe Chest ... on Crack -Reader Idea Week

     I was going to title today's post "45 degrees" as Steve Taylor had called it when he submitted the idea; but after finishing the sketch I didn't feel that it was quite adequate. Before we go there though, lets look at Steve's idea, in his own words: "45 degrees - A piece of furniture that prominently features parts that aren't orthogonal to horizontal or vertical."
     After much frantic sketching and mind changing I decided to update (probably not the right word) a classic: The Bombe Chest. It's elegance and fluid lines seemed to scream to me "enough already, I need some angles". So I obliged.

     I am going to preempt the comments of "is that in perspective?" or "how many vanishing points does that have, like 100?" or whatever by saying, "let he/she who has posted a better sketch on FD throw the first comment". While I'm on the preemptive path, let me assure all of you Chippendale lovers (of which I most certainly am one) that this is merely a fun exercise and not, in any way, meant to insult or diminish the beauty of its inspiration. 

     Aside from that, all I would say about this piece is that it was crazy to think up, crazy to draw and would be equally crazy to build.

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Jessica said...

I think it's cool. It looks like it's about to start dancing like the furniture in Beauty and the Beast. whimsical.

Torch02 said...

I like it. The big questions would come about when you actually tried to build it. Would the "wings" be wasted space? Would the drawers pull straight out, or at the angle of those wings, making it impossible to have side-by-side drawers open at the same time? Would the drawers be square (wasting some space in the front center) or trapezoidial (making construction not for the faint of heart)?

I think one of the best creative uses of these sketches is not always in the design itself per se, but in the mental gymnastics required to flush out construction details and choices.

jlsmith said...

I would agree with the 'getting ready to dance' comment for that far leg certainly seems raised up and ready to strut

OK so you didn't really think that your preemptive move would actually work did you?

On a more helpful note, since it appears you have a few hundred or so of these yet to complete, do you have any interest in a few painless pointers on how you might be able to increase the relative accuracy of your perspective sketching technique?

jamon schlimgen cabinetmaker said...

Have never been one to turn down advice. js_cabinetmaker(at)

jamon schlimgen cabinetmaker said...

Yes, wasted space on sides and pulling straight out. I would make the drawers trapezoidal of coarse. Glad you like it.