Monday, February 1, 2010

No. 32 Curvy and Square-y -Stool Week

So, I think this two stools a day thing will continue. At least for today. We again have two true contrasters: Curvy and Square-y.


Left: Curvy is a fairly basic design: a circle and four compound curved legs. I would probably use cherry for the wood species here (just a feeling, no real reason). This might make an interesting table as well.
Right: Simple, honest Square-y. He's a straight shooter and a real down to earth guy. Any wood species, including certain reclaimed lumbers, would work for construction of this piece.

Grab a pencil, some paper and start drawing your own stools. After you're done share them with the rest of us at


Torch02 said...

I like the feel of the curvy stool, but I worry about the stability of the leg joints. It looks like all of the weight would be shearing on the dowels. Perhaps having the seat sit on the legs would help. Or if you like that external asthetic, you could make the top of the legs thicker, with the excess underneath the seat, adding support. With that "ledge," you could add a small tenon into the seat itself for additional support.

jamon schlimgen cabinetmaker said...

Stability is a concern. As Ken, and now you, have Tweeted about it let me clarify in more than 140 characters. I had in mind (after the fact) using metal braces on the underside and insides of the top and legs. Since metal is now on the table, one could also incorporate metal dowels (Steve's idea), or steel cable cross bracing through the legs, or pretty much anything else for that matter.

Ken said...

Like a complimentary band around the top. pine/wrought iron, oak/copper, etc.

Even without metal, a cross brace between legs with jointery showing could add stability - it would, of course, give it a different look, but so would adding metal :)