Sunday, February 7, 2010

No. 38 Tapered Leg Bed -Bed Week

Between the firewood and the Super Bowl (ads) this post is getting out a little late. Here then, without further ado we have a tapered leg bed.

Apparently bed design does not come very naturally to me. As with the others, this bed was somewhat of a stretch, which is good for the mind and the experience but not as much so for the clock. I see this built with a solid head and foot boards that sit flush with the slope of the legs. Yes, seasonal movement would allow this to happen perfectly for only a short time each year, but I still think it would look better than if it had a reveal. I imagine it built in black walnut with a few coats of oil, some wax and done.

Grad a pencil and paper and hold onto those drawings, because the new Furniture Design Blog will be rolling out soon. Stay tuned here.

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