Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No. 34 Corporate & One More Show -Stool Week

These two definitely fall into the "same but different" category that Stool Week has brought to life. But this takes it to the next level.

 Right: "Corporate" is a commentary on the process of climbing the corporate ladder just to reach the lonely little seat at the top. (NOTE: Not hatin', just telling it like it is) The piece is 10' tall (if you hadn't guessed this is for a gallery not a house) and though I initially thought of maple for the construction, maybe a highly exotic wood would be more appropriate.
Left: "One More Show" tells the story of the showman and his last show. The
legs would be actual guitar necks. I would prefer making them, because I never have, however, found necks would fit the story much better. The seat is the best part though: a basic round seat, veneered to look like the body of a guitar with all the inlays/details including those around the sound hole, which would be centered in the seat, and obviously not an actual hole. Amazingly a Google image search of "guitar stool" turned up nothing even close to this.

So, they are both four legged stools with round seats. They both tell the story of the pinnacle and the loneliness that comes with it. I guess they are much more "same" than "different".

Grab a pencil, some paper and start drawing your own stools. After you're done share them with the rest of us at


jlsmith said...

Just a thought:

'Corporate' as a conceptual piece I could see the 'structural parts made in a common wood, perhaps even building studs. The rungs (maybe divided into sets) could then be made out of progressively more exotic (for Americans at least)woods as the ascended and the seat would be gold, plated of course, with the underside raw and unfinished. Too heavy-handed? maybe...

jamon schlimgen cabinetmaker said...

jl-I like it.