Thursday, February 18, 2010

After much thought and deliberation I have decided that I must put this project on hold indefinitely. Life has gotten real and so must I. I hope to continue this project when time allows. Thank you to all those who’s comments have brought this blog to life. During this short time you have helped me become a better designer.
Until next time,


chris@flairwoodworks said...


I'm sorry to hear that you're putting this on the back burner. This site has become part of my daily routine, along with two e-mail boxes, three woodworking forums, and Furniture Design. I'll keep checking back for new stuff. Hope all is well and business is strong.

jamon schlimgen cabinetmaker said...

Thanks Chris, that means a lot.

Torch02 said...

Whenever you can make it back, we'll welcome you with open arms. In just these first few weeks of the year, you've gotten things moving in the furniture design community online - no easy feat.

Get things squared away, then come back with a roar!

Ronald Jones said...


I hope that what you are working through in your life gets sorted out well. I've enjoyed viewing your designs and reading your posts. I will keep checking back to your blog for inspiration and enjoyment.

Good luck with everything, and I hope to see your work again soon.


Anonymous said...

I believe in you. I see this is your passion & I want to help you get back to it.
Your biggest fan