Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My strange fascination with hall tables - Part 2

In the last post I began to look at the form known as the hall table and my fascination with it. There was a lot of writing in the last post (for me) so I'm going to keep this one short. In general my mind works in the details. The relationships between positive and negative space, hard and soft line, texture, color and so on, are what draw me in. This is why I love the hall table. It's size and basic nature are the perfect canvas for detail to shine through.

 Gently curved with fluted apron and decorative flutes on the sides and middle of the top to add visual interest to the wood grain. I imagine this table in maple with a simple clear coat, although it would be equally striking in black lacquer.

This is definitely a contrasty (my word, feel free to use it) piece. Organic, free flowing legs and stretchers and a thin flat top. Very delicate and move decorative than functional, though adjustments could be made to add strength without sacrificing the overall aesthetic.

A contemporary piece, simple and clean. I have since rethought the top, inlaying the leg into it rather than resting it on top. The constructed of Cypress wood. The top and drawer left natural, the legs scorched and wire brushed in a Jin-di-sugi type technique, giving the wood grain dimension and contrasting dark color. (BTW this piece looks almost identical to one designed and built by KALA Furniture , but I'm not copying off my neighbors paper...honestly)

"Over/Under", "Mirror" not sure about a name but I love the look and feel of this table. This may very well move into further development. I'm not sure if I would go for a single species monochromatic look with this or break it up with a second species. I think the drawer pulls would be contrasting wood regardless.


Torch02 said...

I really like the scorched cypress table design. It actually has me rethinking a couple of elements in a coffee table I'm currently tweaking in my noteboook.

jamon schlimgen cabinetmaker said...

Thanks, I'm glad it's added something to your process. I was going to say something about sharing creative juices but that's just nasty.

Anonymous said...
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johnrowe said...

The "Over/Under" table is similar to one I built three years ago. I used a live edge top and did not have any drawers but the legs were similar in form and attachment to the ones in your drawing. Very cool idea, I like the addition of the drawers.