Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Walnut/Birds Eye Maple Hall Table

          This is an example of one of those magic times (personally, not in the grand scheme of the world). This design came about completely out of the blue, just one in a page of doodles, but it instantly grabbed me and "begged" to be developed further.

          The fluted slab legs will be made of walnut. The box forming the top and frame will be plane or quarter sawn maple and the drawer fronts will be made of birds eye maple. The drawer fronts may or may not be further embellished with circular inlaid walnut around the wood pulls, time will tell. I am also toying with the idea of making the drawers accessible from both sides of the piece as the splayed legs suggest use from either side.
          I am working out the final details, but will likely be starting this piece later this month (with detailed blog accounting). To that end I made a test piece to work out some of the particulars. The test is not to scale or even accurate with regard to the details but, for me, it validated the over all design and has me chomping at the bit to get started.


Timberwerks Studio - Dale J. Osowski - Furniture Maker said...

Fantastic, I'll be following.

cksinfl said...

Love the design, your work is always so meticulous and beautifully crafted. The two woods you chose will compliment one another exquisitly. Can't wait for the finished product. Claudia